Sell your surplus food

Forkful was created to help hospitality businesses mitigate food waste. Upload your surplus food to our platform and we will do the rest — we connect you with customers, they place an order on Forkful and pick up the food as take away. Meanwhile, reduce your carbon footprint and save thousands of dollars by turning surplus food into a new revenue stream!

Step 1. Snap a photo of
your surplus meals

Illustration of person taking photo of takeaway food

Step 2. List it on Forkful’s easy platform

Illustration of Forkful food waste mobile app

Step 3. Customers pick up directly from you

Illustration of Forkful customer getting takeaway

Step 4. Save up to $18k a year by eliminating food waste!

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Food waste in a takeaway box

Why Forkful

Turning problems into profits

Victorians hate throwing away food as much as you do – show them you care about food waste by partnering with Forkful!

Forkful allows your business to list and sell otherwise unsold goods; turning your food-waste problem into an environmentally sustainable, financially viable solution.

Transparent and simple

Forkful is free to register, free to list, and there is no lock-in contract.

Our platform takes a small fixed cost on each sale you make.

Use Forkful once or every week – the choice is yours.

Case study

We’re bringing leftovers out of the shadows: diverting surplus food from landfill is better for the planet – and better for your bottom line.

A hospitality business throws away $50 worth of edible food daily. Over 365 days a year, that loss amounts to $18,250. Forkful can help your business reduce this loss, attract new customers and promote its food waste with a zero dollar upfront investment.

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free marketing a month

Is Forkful right for your business?

Head over to our FAQs for answers to our frequently asked questions.

I'm sick of wasting food! How do I get started?

Complete the registration form and we’ll be in touch shortly, or feel free to contact us on 1300 495 570 to find out more.

Once we receive your details, we’ll set up a unique page for you to list your surplus food.

Start listing on Forkful in 24 hours!



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Frequently asked questions

Selling food at a bakery

Do I need to register an account to sell on Forkful?
The Forkful app is accessible to consumers without an account, but for cafes and restaurants wishing to sell food, you’ll need to register as a partner.

Details we require for registration include:

1. Full legal trading name
2. Business address
3. Phone number
4. Email address
5. ABN
6. Bank account for payments
7. Contact details of representative for your company including their contact number, email address for all order correspondence (if different from above).

Simply complete the registration form to get started!

How do I sell on Forkful?
Complete the registration form and we’ll be in touch shortly, or feel free to contact us on 1300 495 570.

Once we receive your details, we’ll set up a unique page for you to list your surplus food. 

We’ll walk you through connecting your bank details so you can take payments for your meals directly from the customer.

Start listing on Forkful in 24 hours!

How will I know when a sale has been made?
You will receive an email when a sale has been made, containing all the details required to fulfil the order.

In the event you receive an order you are unable to fulfil, please inform us immediately.

How does the pick up of my food work?
The purchaser is responsible for the collection of their purchase within the set time frame and at the location as specified on the listing. In the event that the purchase has not arrived within the time frame, please contact us on our phone number below.

Do I pay a fee on each order placed or an annual subscription for service?
We take a fixed cost for each of the items you sell.

No subscription fee. No sign up fee. No contract. It doesn’t get any easier!

Fees chargeable will be reviewed from time to time. We will notify you when the fees do change.

How long until I receive the money for my product once an order is placed and delivered?
We take payment for the products at the time of purchase. We will hold this payment for at least 48 hours, subject to any adjustment, cancellation or dispute that may arise.

Forkful pays its partners directly into their nominated bank account every Monday.

All partner payments are minus our commission and any applicable taxes.

How many products can I sell?
You’ll need at least one product to set up your store with us. How many you sell is limited by you, our only requirement is that they are ‘specials’ and not your entire product catalogue/menu.

Can I add and remove products from my store?
Yes! You have full access to your dashboard which is where you will manage all stock.

How can I be a good Forkful partner?
We remind you that as per our Supplier Terms and Conditions, you must ensure that details of the Products, the Supplier’s legal identity, address and contact information, and pick up location are clearly specified on the Supplier Account (i.e. by providing this information to Forkful in accordance with clause 4.4).

At a minimum, we encourage you to include the following information in the food/meal description:

1. Allergens i.e. contains wheat/nut traces/dairy etc.
2. Expiry or best before date
3. Storage and reheating instructions
4. Collection time window and location
5. Photo (1000 x 1000 px preferred)
6. Regular price and sale price

What helpdesk support is available?
Support is available via email at or by phone on 1300 495 570.